Skype messaging is getting some much-needed upgrades

The new features will be available on both Skype’s desktop client and the mobile app. In addition to saving messages as drafts, users can bookmark messages by right-clicking or long-pressing the field. You can access these messages in a new folder marked “Bookmarks”.

Sending multiple photos or videos should also be easier with the update. When you want to send multiple videos or photos to a group of friends or family, Skype will automatically organize them in an album so they won’t clutter up your group conversation thread. You can also preview any photos or media you send, so you don’t accidentally something embarrassing to the wrong person.

A pretty clever new feature is a split window for desktop version of Skype. This allows you to view your contact list and conversations in separate windows. This should prevent any mix-ups when you’re messaging to several different people at once.

As all messaging apps make the shift to becoming multifunctional tools with video, voice and text capability, it makes sense for Skype to unveil some updates so it doesn’t fall behind the curve. You can access these new features on the latest version of Skype on all platforms.

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