Pyrex 12-piece food storage set on sale for dirt cheap at Macy’s

TL;DR: Grab a 12-piece Pyrex food storage set for only $20.99 at Macy’s. It’s normally $47.99, so you’ll save 56% with the latest code. This deal expires at midnight on Aug. 24. 

Tired of leftovers always going south way too soon because you opted for a cheap set of plastic containers from the local Dollar Emporium? Stop playing “What’s That Mystery Smell?” every time you open the fridge and quit wasting food like some sort of Rockefeller. 

If it’s time to upgrade to a storage solution that will help keep your food fresh and edible longer, a storage set from Pyrex is a great place to start. 

Right now you can get a this 12-piece set at Macy’s for $27 off when you use the code PREVIEW during checkout — that’s a whopping 56% savings on one of the top brands around. Pyrex comes in a range of sizes that hold everything from snacks to full meals, and is made with BPA-free, non-porous glass that is safe for dishwashers, microwaves, or ovens. That means you can take what remains of that award-winning chili you made and feast on it for days. 

Normally $47.99, you can pick up your Pyrex storage set for only $20.99 at Macy’s with the latest code — a savings of $27.  

Pyrex 12-piece food storage set on sale for dirt cheap at Macy's

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