Online sneaker reseller StockX faces lawsuit over data breach

TechCrunch reported earlier this month that a hacker stole 6.8 million user records from StockX back in May. The thief then sold the data on the dark web. The information stolen included names, email addresses and hashed passwords. Although StockX sent password reset requests to those impacted by the breach, it did not reveal what had happened or the fact that their private information was put at risk.

StockX addressed the breach in a message to customers on its website. It also said that credit card numbers or any financial information were not stolen in the breach.

According to the filing, the stolen data caused “irreparable harm” to the plaintiff’s well-being. “Plaintiff and the class have been damaged in that plaintiff and the class spent time and will spend additional time in the future speaking with representatives, researching and monitoring accounts, researching and monitoring credit history, responding to identity theft incidents, purchasing identity protection, and suffering annoyance, interference, and inconvenience, as a result of the data breach.”

The suit seeks damages and a jury trial. Engadget has reached out to StockX for comment and will update when we hear back.

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