MSI’s new ‘content creator’ laptops are powered by Intel’s 10th-gen chips

The new laptops pack powerful guts, but also offer colorful, accurate screens to cater to creators’ workflows. MSI made what it’s calling True Pixel displays that render 100 percent of the Adobe RGB wide color gamut, and have a Delta-E color accuracy rating of less than two (the closer to 0 the better). The True Pixel panels also run at 4K UHD and support HDR, though MSI hasn’t said which standard of dynamic range it’s complying with yet.

The company doesn’t have those displays ready yet, though, so I didn’t see any of them at my recent demo in New York. The units I saw had full HD displays instead, which looked as colorful as most laptops I’ve tested.

The new Prestige 14 and 15 are, as expected, 14- and 15-inch laptops that can be configured with up to NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX 1650 graphics cards, as well as Intel’s tenth-generation 6-core CPUs. From my briefing, the Prestige devices appeared nondescript and felt expensive, thanks to their sandblasted aluminum chassis. Both of them had roomy, responsive trackpads and comfortable keyboards.

Typing on them was made more ergonomically friendly thanks to the slight tilt provided by the hinge which propped up the back of the keyboard. Both models offer a generous selection of ports including two USB-C with Thunderbolt two USB-A and a micro SD card reader. If you want HDMI too, you’ll have to get the larger model.

With the new Prestige machines, MSI made some changes over last year’s model, including changing the font on the keyboard’s buttons to a more neutral style.

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