Kit Harington is reportedly headed to the MCU

Photo: Mike Coppola (Getty Images)

Sending Eternals-heads everywhere into paroxysms of comic book-y joy— “Who will he play?!” they ask themselves, hands clutched in ecstasy. “I hope it’s Aginar, or Zuris!”—Deadline reports today that Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington is making his probably inevitable transition into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know literally nothing about where Harington might end up in the wide world of caped Phase Four weirdos, but Eternals seems like as good a guess as any, especially since that franchise needs something to get people fucking excited about it, and also the fact that his TV brother from another mother, Richard Madden, is already on board.

Considering all the years he spent as the most upright, tortured, and above-all-else boring (sorry, Kit) dude in Westeros, Harington has always been a bit tough to pin down as an actor; that being said, he’s been pretty fun when allowed to let those curly locks of his down, like in HBO’s insane tennis comedy 7 Days In Hell. Either way, considering that Disney’s massive D23 expo is running right now, it’s possible we’ll hear something more concrete as the weekend progresses. Here’s hoping he gets cast against type, and gets to do something legitimately nutty—or, to put it another way, please consider this the official kick-off of our soon-to-be-huge #KitHaringtonForNamor campaign.

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