Google Assistant and Maps are coming to GM vehicles in 2021

According to GM, customers “increasingly expect seamless integration between the tech in their hands and the tech in their vehicle.” Soon, GM infotainment systems will be powered by Android and have built-in Google Assistant. Google Maps will be embedded in the vehicles, and drivers will be able to download in-vehicle apps from the Google Play store. GM will still offer some of its existing infotainment features, like service recommendations and vehicle health status.

As TechCrunch points out, this goes beyond Android Auto. The new features won’t be powered by a phone, but instead embedded directly into the vehicle. And while this partnership is a big deal for GM and Google, we’ll likely see Google Services arriving in more vehicles thanks to Google Android Automotive OS, which is slated for the 2021 Polestar 2 and Volvo XC40.

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