Game Freak’s game that isn’t Pokémon is due October 16th

The setting of the game is, you guessed it, a town. One which the inhabitants must never leave, until one day a monster attacks and our hero Axe must defend it. However, instead of wielding a sword or dagger, he brandishes ideas (tactics). The game looks to rely on strategy over brute force; Pokémon fans that swear by type matching will definitely find a lot to like here. You can also jump around the town map in the middle of a battle to enlist the help of your fellow townspeople.

The biggest surprise of all was a bit of cultural collaboration, with Nintendo revealing that the music was composed by Toby Fox, creator of indie hit Undertale. The game will be released on Switch October 16th, and you can preorder it (and preload onto your system) later today.

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