Donald Trump Will Have an Ad in Super Bowl 2020 – Tempemail-Tempemail Zone

The re-election campaign for President Donald Trump has purchased an ad slot during Super Bowl 2020.The campaign’s confirmation of the ad comes after weeks of speculation, and on the heels of Democrat Michael Bloomberg’s campaign also announcing today that it would have a 60-second spot in the Big Game.The Bloomberg campaign took some of the spotlight from the Trump campaign by rolling out news about its own Super Bowl ad earlier today, telling reporters that its commercial was to counter Trump’s presence during the Big Game.The ad was pegged to cost $10 million, according to Politico, which broke the news. Fox Sports claimed in November that it had sold all of its 77 units in the game for as much as $5.6 million per 30-second spot.An astronomical amount of money is expected to be spent in the 2020 presidential election, with some forecasts predicting up to $20 billion, with digital ad spend growing substantially.Additional details about what the Trump campaign has planned for its Super Bowl ad, including its messaging and which agency it’s working with on the spot, were not disclosed.

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