Diesel and Emporio Armani also release new Wear OS watches

Each of these devices is styled in the aesthetic that’s inline with its brand. The Emporio Armani watch, for example, has a lighter, sportier look and prominently features the signature eagle logo on custom watch faces. Meanwhile, the Diesel On Axial looks more industrial, with touches like rugged pushers, steel rivets, an aluminum core and a stainless steel body. As with basically every Fossil Group smartwatch, these new devices also offer custom watch faces that match the overall style as well.

Both the Smartwatch 3 and On Axial will be available in October, with the latter starting at $350. Fossil hasn’t announced the Emporio Armani watch’s price yet, but it is likely to come in at the same range as the Diesel. With the new battery-extending features, these fashion-forward smartwatches could stand a better chance against longer-lasting offerings from Samsung, Fitbit and Garmin, which are catching up on their sense of style.

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