DC might actually introduce a Batman who is Black

Photo: Jack Taylor (Getty Images)

Take this with a grain of utility belt Bat-Salt, but Bleeding Cool says the “hot gossip” from “a number of prominent sources” is that DC Comics is going to introduce a new Batman at some point next summer who is Black. These prominent sources apparently said it’s not Bruce Wayne (presumably meaning an alternate universe version of him) and it’s also not Duke Thomas, the relatively new Bat-family sidekick known as The Signal. Bleeding Cool believes this will be a major in-continuity event, though, like when Azrael took over the cowl after Bane broke Bruce Wayne’s back, so this theoretically won’t just be an appearance from some other Batman, but an actual successor—at least for as long as this story goes before the canon inevitably resets itself.

Bleeding Cool has some theories about who it could be, but without any other information about this (or confirmation that’s it’s real), it’s just as likely that it could be a totally new character we’ve never seen before. Anyway, Jamelle Bouie made a good pitch earlier this year for why reimagining Batman as a Black person would introduce a lot of interesting character and storytelling potential, but again, there’s no way to know if any of those ideas will be present in whatever DC is (supposedly) planning.

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