BioLite launches disaster preparedness kits in time for hurricane season

Both the apartment and family bundles contain the BioLite Solar Home 620, which contains a 6W solar panel, a central control box and three hangable LED lights. The control box is powered by a 6V, 3,300mAh solar-powered battery. There’s also an FM radio so you can keep updated on the news, a microSD slot and a speaker in case you want to play some tunes. With the Solar Home’s AC charger, you fully charge the system in under two hours.

All three bundles contain a selection of BioLite’s SunLights, which can act as makeshift lamps. The kits also contain LifeStraw water filters and headlamps. While the solo bundle doesn’t have the Solar Home 620, it comes with a portable USB powerbank for your devices.

For the month of September only, Biolite is offering discounts on all of its bundles. The solo bundle is $129.75 (from $149.75), the apartment bundle is $309.55 (from $359.55) and the family bundle is $459.45 (from $534.45).

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