Arcade Coder teaches kids to build games for the whole family

It helps kids get to grips with game mechanics such as speed, levels and point systems, through pre-coded projects or by inventing brand new ones. Accessed via the free Games Studio iOS app there are step-by-step video and animation-based tutorials to complete, and new projects and challenges can be unlocked along the way. Complete them all, and you’ll be crowned a Master Game Designer.

The Arcade Coder also comes with a Painter Mode, which lets kids “paint” pictures with the LED lights and then animate them with their newfound coding skills. According to TWSU, it’s not designed solely for kids, though – the company wants to change the way families spend time together. As TWSU CEO and co-founder Bethany Koby says, “It is not just an individual gaming experience on a screen, but a multiplayer gameplay experience for friends and family.” The kit launches on Kickstarter today, with super early bird pledges starting at $96, representing a 40 percent discount on the regular price of $160.

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