Acer adds RTX Quadro power to its ConceptD high-end laptops

Besides processors, the ConceptD 3 isn’t very different from the 5. The new notebook is slightly slimmer, resulting in a keyboard that looks somewhat recessed compared to the 5’s island-style layout. Though the ConceptD 3’s buttons aren’t very deep, it was still comfortable enough for me to sling out a few URLs and cavalier observations about my unsatisfied caffeine itch with ease. I also watched snatches of some Engadget review videos (being the loyal staffer that I am) and was impressed at the display’s quality even under harsh convention floor lighting.

Our demo unit also had a fingerprint sensor next to the generously spaced trackpad, though Acer reps told me that the scanner’s inclusion will vary by region, and that models in the US aren’t likely to get it. I picked up the device and was disappointed that it felt heavier than I expected. The white finish helps keep the notebook eye-catching, even though the 3 doesn’t have the hexagonal shape of the ConceptD 5. Acer applied a micro arc oxidized finish to the machine for a papery ceramic texture that makes it feel unique.

This is our third time playing with a ConceptD machine now, and we’re familiar with the rest of the company’s promises here: accurate, vivid display, powerful performance, novel design and silence. The laptops are all supposed to feature quiet cooling systems that run at 40dB even at the loudest, which Acer said is the same noise level as a library.

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