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All these Days, you are able to send and receive payments from friends and family, online with no difficulty. Using Gmail is one of the ways can.

UK Users are totally free to utilize this service. You accept money sent from other people but also can not just send money to any using your Google Wallet Balance or debit card. In any case, it also offers a feature for requesting money.

This Guide will teach you how to utilize this attribute from an internet browser with only five steps.

Send a payment with Gmail
Step 1: Open your Gmail accounts and select Compose.

Step 2: Add the email address of the person you would like to send money to.

Add a


Step 4: To send cash through Google wallet select Insert debit card.

After You’ve entered your debit or credit card details, then input the sum that you want to send. Click Review and then sew to have yet another check.

Measure 5: When you’re happy, click on Send.

Receive a payment on Gmail
You Just need to go into a debit card details to receive the money via your Gmail. If someone sends you money through Gmail, it’ll automatically transfer to that card.

For The first time if you would like to claim money delivered to you through Gmail, you’ll have to start Gmail. After that, open the message with the connected money and click on Claim money.

Ask money from someone with Gmail
To Request money, follow the very same steps to send a payment manual but in step 1, then click Ask . Click on Review afterward attach.

Go To Google’s aid centre if you would like additional help with this particular service.

We made This manual shown you how easy to send payments and get cash from friends And family using Gmail.

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